About us

Decorus is a creative duo, Justin Bailey and Colleen Howe are the owners and the photographers. We specialise in lifestyle portrait photography. 

Justin has been in the creative and photography industry for nearly 20 years and has built up a wide range of clients, ranging from photographing the one and only Paul McCartney to traveling to Hong Kong to work as a portrait photographer to develop his skills further.

Colleen has worked with companies such as Mercedes UK. In her photography studies achieved distinction awards. Colleens passion for photography was put back into focus while traveling. On return Decorus was created. 

With a lot of hard work the company has steadily grown to have an impressive portfolio of UK properties. The aim of our company is to offer our portrait photography sessions to guests to have a lasting memory of their stay. ….....

How it all works - Your photo shoot :

We have partnered up with exclusives and luxury stays around the UK and offering photo shoots for their guests. 

On your stay with one of our fabulous property partners, you will receive our information and a link to book your photo shoot on your confirmation email / letter that you receive from the property. 

You will also be able to locate us on the properties website if you happen to have missed us on your confirmation email.  

Click the link, which will direct you to a page on our website for you to then enter your details and we will call you directly to book you in. 

Once your photo shoot is booked we will send you a confirmation email about your shoot with us, your details will include the date and the time of your photo shoot, where to meet, how long the photo shoot will take and tips on what to wear.

It is natural to be apprehensive at first to how the photo shoot all works and what to expect. We will put you at ease straight away even when you speak to us on the phone, we will make sure you have a full understanding of how the photo shoot works so things will run smoothly. 

(T&C – Subject to availability / £30 web gallery payment, online for 24 hours days. 48 hour cancelation period / Avoid disappointment and book your photo shoot in advance of your stay. )

About the photo shoot

We specialise in relaxed and informal photography to capture you and your family at your best.  

On your photo shoot we will take a selection of images capturing different combinations of groups and individuals, the session will last for 40 minutes. You get to view images later that day by a private online web gallery, we have found this works best as you can relax and enjoy looking at your photos in your own time.


What if it rains? 

Please do not not panic. A photo shoot earlier this year, all day it did not stop raining. Using a bit of creativity and improvisation on the beach with umbrellas and finding shelter under the beach huts. This turned out to be one of the most fun we have had on a shoot, the customers even said they had a great time as they thought they would have had to cancel the shoot.


Your private online web gallery.


When booking in your photo shoot we take £30.00 for your web gallery.  We will send this link directly to your given email address for you to look at your images and simply select your favourites. Your web gallery will be live for 24 hours giving you time to view and select.


Choosing your images and payment.


The selection process is designed to be easy and when you have a shortlist we will recommend different print sizes, digital files and framing options. The order is then placed and payment made. Payment is made via a direct bank transfer, or by cash. The order is then sent to our printers for immediate production and shipped to any address (for all large frame orders we charge £15 to anywhere in the UK).


top tips, with the kids.


Top 5 Tips for being prepared for your photo shoot and if you have young children with you.

1. Choose the best time of day for the children and not yourselves, take into account feed and nap times.

2. Clothing is best kept simple,  we always recommend lighter colours and plain if possible avoiding large logos and busy patterns.

3. Its best not to mention to the children they are going to have “Their photograph taken” initially they get very excited and will create their own vision of what will happen. We both react very quickly with children as they only have an attention span of 10 -15 minutes. 

4. Please refrain from bringing sweets along to the photo shoot, bribes as this never works!

5. Bring a favourite toy, as this is not only a great prop in the photographs but something the child is used too.

These are just a few basic tips to help your shoot go as smoothly as possible, of course children get a little manic sometimes but thats what they do.